Eligibility & Grants | Application | Selection Criteria

The intended target audience for the Summer School are advance graduate students and early post-docs from all areas of cognitive neuroscience interested in working memory. To allow for good group cohesion and effective group work, the number of participants is limited to 35. As we expect the Summer School to be oversubscribed, the selection of the participants will be done in adherence to IBRO and FENS standards for student selection and ranking.

Student Grants

The students accepted for participation will be divided into three groups:

(1) those, who pay the minimal 100 EUR registration fee,
(2) those who have the registration fee waived, and
(3) those who also receive coverage of their travel expenses.

All students will receive financial support that will cover a part of their living expenses, effectively minimising the registration fee to the smallest possible amount of 100 EUR for the Western European, North American and possibly Japanese participants. Students coming from "restricted-funding" regions will additionally qualify to have the registration fee waived. Finally, fifteen grants, covering the registration fee, accommodation and the economy travel expenses will be awarded to the fifteen highest-ranking applicants originating from underprivileged regions who will apply for maximal financial assistance by the organizers.