About the Symposium on memory

The Symposium on memory is an international event following Memos 2004, Cognitive Neuroscience Summer School on Working Memory. The aim of the event is twofold: first, to give the general public in the region an opportunity to listen to and meet with the faculty of Memos 2004 Summer School, all top researchers in the field of working memory; second, to provide the cognitive neuroscientists in Slovenia and neighbouring countries with an opportunity to present their research interests and endeavours and possibly set up new regional collaboration.

General information

SiNAPSA, Slovenian Neuroscience Association
Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana

Important dates
The abstract submission deadline has been extended to June 28th, 2004
July 17th, 2004 Symposium

Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The official language is English.

Registration Information
Symposium is open to public. There is no registration fee. All attendees will receive a book of abstracts.

Information Desk
Symposium material can be collected at the Symposium information desk in front of the lecture hall. The information desk will be open throughout the Symposium, and starting one hour before the programme.