SNC'17 Programme

Friday, 29 September 2017

8:00   Registration | Poster exhibition area, 8:00—10:00
9:45   Opening of the SNC'17 | Hall II, 9:45—10:00
10:00   Symposium | Hall II, 10:00—12:00
Deep brain stimulation: Application in adults and children with movement disorders

Chair: Maja Trošt, Norbert Kovacs
   The prognosis for outcomes following DBS for children with Dystonia and other hyperkinetic movement disorders
Jean Pierre-Lin
   How efficient is subthalamic deep brain stimulation in reducing dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease?
Norbert Kovacs
   The effect of subthalamic deep brain stimulation on non-motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease
Maja Trošt
   Targeting and clinical outcome of DBS in movement disorders patients
Mitja Benedičič
   Personality changes after subthalamic deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease
Dušan Flisar
   Parkinsonian symptoms in patients with cervical dystonia treated with bilateral pallidal deep brain stimulation
Dejan Georgiev
   Symposium | Hall III, —12:00
RNA binding proteins in neurodegenerative diseases

Chair: Antonia Ratti, Francisco Baralle
   New insights into the role of TDP 43 expression, structural feature and aggregation in disease pathogenesis
Francisco Baralle
   TDP-43, stress granules and response to stress in ALS patients' cells
Antonia Ratti
   Drug screening in TDP-43 proteinopathies
Marco Baralle
   Intranuclear RNA foci from C9ORF72 hexanucleotide expansion mutation form paraspeckle-like structures
Boris Rogelj
12:00   Plenary talk | Hall I, 12:00—12:45
Peptides and reward-seeking behaviour

Andrew J. Lawrence
13:00   Cellular neuroscience A
   Molecular neuroscience A
   Neuroscience methods A
   Cognitive neuroscience A
   Systems neuroscience
   Clinical neuroscience A
14:30   Symposium | Hall III, 14:30—16:30
Novel targets and strategies to treat neurodegenerative disease

Chair: Mojca Kržan
   Multiscale simulation of monoamine oxidases: from chemical physics to neurodegeneration
Janez Mavri
   No guts no glory: novel treatment strategy in Parkinson’s disease
Aletta Kraneveld
   Detection of dietary polyphenols and their metabolites
Sabina Passamonti
   GABAergic system as a target for neuroprotection in AD model-rats
Baiba Jansone
16:30   Break
17:00   Symposium | Hall III, 17:00—19:00
Plasticity of sensory motor network: from idea to the brain computer interface

Chair: Martin Rakuša
   From the idea to the reaching – activity in sensory-motor network
Martin Rakuša
   Stuttering: a model of impaired integration in sensory motor network
Pierpaolo Busan
   Sensory motor network – brain computer interface
Piero Paolo Battaglini
   Bimeo neuro-rehabilitation
Aleš Hribar
19:45   SNC'17 Social Event | Slamič Café, 19:45

Saturday, 30 September 2017

8:00   Registration | Poster exhibition area, 8:00—9:00
10:00   Symposium | Hall II, 10:00—12:00
Long-term impact of early life exposures and stressors on the brain: Psychopathological dimensions of mental illnesses

Chair: Gregor Majdič, Ana Počivavšek
   Long lasting effects of prenatal, postnatal and pubertal stress in animal models
Gregor Majdič
   Elevated kynurenine pathway metabolism during neurodevelopment: Implications for brain and behavior
Ana Počivavšek
   Permanent alteration of cortical/hippocampal glutamate and GABA neurotransmission in adult rats following gestational cannabinoid exposure
Sarah Beggiato
   Are offspring of mothers exposed to the ten-day war more vulnerable for mood disorders?
Liljana Šprah
   Influence of prenatal exposure to testosterone on social behavior in Valproate mouse model of autism
Neža Grgurevič
   Symposium | Hall III, —12:00
Models, technologies and materials used in neuromodulation

Chair: Janez Rozman, Polona Pečlin
   Surface electromyography and its potentials in assessment of neurodegenerative diseases and stroke rehabilitation
Aleš Holobar
   A model and setup for opto-thermal stimulation of isolated porcine vagus nerve
Janez Rozman
   Selective electrical stimulation and recording of an isolated porcine vagus nerve
Polona Pečlin
   Materials and technologies used in crafting of multi-electrode spiral cuffs for VNS
Matjaž Godec
   QMC-CT, a quantitative muscle assessment that patients understand and that can get them to take-home full-body in-bed gym and FES
Ugo Carraro
   Setup for experiments in focused pulsed ultrasound in translational biomedicine
Dejan Križaj
12:00   AOŽ Memorial lecture | Hall II, 12:00—12:45
Digesting the gut-immune-brain axis in brain disorders

Aletta Kraneveld
13:00   History of neuroscience
   Cognitive neuroscience B
   Neuroscience methods B
   Cellular neuroscience B
   Molecular neuroscience B
   Clinical neuroscience B
14:30   Symposium | Hall II, 14:30—16:30
Glutamate and addiction: Vulnerability traits and treatment targets

Chair: Marco Leyton
   Adolescent cocaine use perturbs glutamate synaptic maturation
Lucia Caffino
   Glutamate signaling in serotonin transporter knockout rats prone to cocaine addiction
Judith Homberg
   Mapping mGluR5 changes from initial drug exposure to addiction: PET [11C]ABP688 studies in humans
Marco Leyton
   mGlu5 receptors and extinction of drug seeking
Andrew J Lawrence
   Symposium | Hall III, —16:30
Functional brain imaging in differential diagnosis of neurodegenerative brain disorders

Chair: Maja Trošt, Daniela Perani
   The PET perspective in early and differential diagnosis of dementia conditions
Daniela Perani
   In vivo cholinergic basal forebrain atrophy predicts future cognitive decline in de novo PD
Chesney Craig
   Structural network alterations and cognitive decline in Parkinson’s disease
Rok Berlot
   Automated differential diagnosis of parkinsonian syndromes using FDG-PET image analysis
Tomaž Rus
   Different FDG-PET metabolic patterns in parkinsonian syndromes
Maja Trošt
16:30   Best poster award & closing of the SNC'17 | Hall II, 16:30—17:00
17:00   Break
17:30   Neuroscience & Society Dialogue | Hall II, 17:30—19:00


Poster session

Friday, 29 September 2017

13:00   Cellular neuroscience A
CEL.01   RNA foci, transcribed from C9ORF72 expansion, form intranuclear paraspeckle-like bodies
Ana Bajc Česnik
CEL.03   Lateral fluid percussion injury induces astrocytosis and microgliosis without a neuronal loss in the rat frontal cortex
Petra Dolenec
CEL.05   The mechanism of folding and trafficking of the human dopamine transporter (hDAT) and its mutants associated with infantyle parkinsonism-dystonia
Hafiz Muhammad Mazhar Asjad
CEL.07   Innervation of primary human skeletal muscle cells induces isoform-specific upregulation of Na+/K+-ATPase subunits
Vid Jan
13:00   Clinical neuroscience A
CLI.01   Connective tissue dysplasia in young person: psychophysiological assessments and manual dexterity
A. Gataullina
CLI.03   Crossed cerebellar diaschisis detected with BOLD MRI cerebrovascular reactivity
Martina Sebök
CLI.05   Influence of transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the spinal cord on vegetative regulation of cardiac activity
Guzel Fanisovna Khafizova
13:00   Cognitive neuroscience A
COG.01   The peculiarities of brain activation during delayed visual recognition: fMRI-study
Anastasia K. Neklyudova
COG.03   Regulation of brain activity with neurofeedback in ADHD children
Joanna Jarmolowska
COG.05   Acute effects of dominant or submissive body pose adoption on thermosensitivity and pain threshold
Dušanka Novaković
COG.07   The influence of emotional stimuli on P3 in an »oddball« paradigm
Nastja Tomat
COG.09   Comprehensive understanding of instrumental description of psychophysically elicited somatosensory (pain) perceptions
Kaja Meh
13:00   Molecular neuroscience A
MOL.05   Localization of dipeptide repeat proteins and their interaction with lipid droplets in model cell lines
Anja Pucer Janež
MOL.11   Protein aggregation of TRIOBP-1 in patients with schizophrenia
Nicholas J. Bradshaw
MOL.13   TNIK gene and its alternative splicing regulation during neuronal differentiation
Valentina Gumina
MOL.15   Proteins binding to (C4G2)n RNA repeats
Mirjana Malnar
MOL.17   I-motifs and protonated hairpins forming on the anti-sense DNA d(GGCCCC)n expansions in C9ORF72
Anja Kovanda
13:00   Neuroscience methods A
MET.01   Supraspinal influence on modulation of motor evoked potentials in the leg muscles during transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the human spinal cord
L.M. Bikchentaeva
MET.03   Stability and reliability of resting heart rate variability in healthy young adults
Breda Podjaveršek
13:00   Systems neuroscience
SYS.01   Influence of hypogravitation on the functional state of the myoneural synapses of rat soleus muscle
I.D. Lvova

Saturday, 30 September 2017

13:00   Cellular neuroscience B
CEL.02   Role of astrocytes in survival of carbon monoxide-intoxicated neuronal cells, treated with hyperbaric oxygen
Klara Bulc-Rozman
CEL.04   TDP-43 expression in the parietal cortex and the hippocampus following a single traumatic brain injury in the mouse
Petra Dolenec
CEL.06   An approach to study cholesterol-rich domains in the outer leaflet of the plasma membrane of pituitary lactotrophs
Boštjan Rituper
13:00   Clinical neuroscience B
CLI.02   recoveriX – Brain-computer interface controlled avatar and functional electrical stimulation: clinical study for motor function rehabilitation after stroke
Nensi Murovec
CLI.04   Vascular physiology of CO2: impact on cerebrovascular reactivity and neurovascular coupling
C.H.B. van Niftrik
13:00   Cognitive neuroscience B
COG.04   Why accountants compromise on their fiduciary duties: fMRI evidence on the role of the human mirror neuron system
Mina Ličen
COG.06   Neural coding mechanisms underlying spatial working memory
Nina Purg
COG.08   Transdisciplinary approach to comprehensive explanation of psychically modulated sensory (pain) information
Dejan Georgiev
COG.10   Nature of memory engrams: conserved wiring and computational logic of cell assemblies
Grace E. Fox
13:00   History of neuroscience
13:00   Molecular neuroscience B
MOL.02   17β-estradiol differentially modulates ecto-5'-nucleotidase activity in the hippocampal synaptosomes of male and female rats in vitro
Natasa Mitrovic
MOL.06   Phosphorylation of FUS impairs its nucleocytoplasmic shuttling
Helena Motaln
MOL.10   Solving structures of ALS associated proteins
Vera Župunski
MOL.12   Ibuprofen increased bilirubin neurotoxicity by interacting with albumin-bilirubin complex
Ane-Mary Arčan
MOL.14   Post-ischemic administration of erythropoietin: effects on the brain damage in rats exposed to focal cerebral ischemia
Jasenka Mršić-Pelčić
MOL.16   Comparison of small RNA expression in muscle tissue of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and healthy age-matched controls.
Anja Kovanda
13:00   Neuroscience methods B
MET.02   The effects of muscle trapezius latent trigger point vibration on postural stability
S. Sabitova

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