Ljubljana Clinical Neurophysiology Symposium 2023

Regional ALS Meeting

Friday, 29 September

11:15-12:0039th Dr Janez Faganel Memorial Lecture
Biomarker development in ALS: From muscle to brain to blood
Martin Turner
12:00-13:00Roche Satellite Symposium
Experience with the oral drug Evrysdi in adult patients with SMA in Slovenia
Blaž Koritnik
13:00-14:00Medison Satellite Symposium
Myasthenia gravis – A look forward
Efgartigimod: The significance of a new treatment option for generalized myasthenia gravis
Filippo Rocca
Challenges, limitations, and new opportunities for patients with generalized myasthenia gravis
Mateja Baruca Grad
14:00-16:00Symposium I
Update on genetics of ALS
David Brenner
Treatment of ALS patients with SOD1 mutations with tofersen - first results from the German Early Access Program
Maximilian Wiesenfarth & Zeynep Elmas
The effect of nutrition on prognosis of ALS - insights from clinical studies
Johannes Dorst
Ketogentic diet in ALS - a potential treatment option?
Christine Herrmann
Cognition in ALS - a transnational evaluation of the ECAS
Dorothée Lulé
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:30Symposium II
Novel approaches for gene hunting in ALS
Ahmad Al Khleifat
Epigenetic sex differences in ALS
Olivia Grant
Big data approaches for drug target validation in ALS
Alfredo Iacoangeli
Modelling and drug screening in ALS
Jackie Mitchell
20:30-23:00Dinner at the Ljubljana Castle

Saturday, 30 September

9:00-11:00Symposium III
Integrative analyses of ALS patient tissue reveal pathogenic aberrant splicing events and hidden genetic risk factors
Kevin Kenna
MCH neurons in ALS: vulnerability and connectivity
Jelena Scekic-Zahirovic
The role of Sirt1 in C9ORF72-related ALS-FTD
Hakan Cetin
Protein homeostasis in C9orf72
Boris Rogelj
Circular RNAs as potential peripheral blood biomarkers for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Metka Ravnik Glavač
12:00-13:00Genesis Pharma Satellite Symposium
The evolving treatment landscape in ATTRv Amyloidosis
Diagnostic challenges and importance of early intervention in ATTRv amyloidosis
Janez Zidar
Optimising management of ATTRv amyloidosis in clinical practice – from patisiran to vutrisiran
Elena Zamba-Papanicolaou
13:00-14:00Novartis Satellite Symposium
Analysis of brain MRI images using artificial intelligence technologies
Žiga Špiclin
14:00-16:00Symposium IV
Genetics of ALS: a population-based study in Serbia
Aleksa Palibrk
ALS clinical practice in Croatia: current situation and future perspectives
Hrvoje Bilić
Three years of the home care ALS programme in Slovenia
Janez Zidar
Social cognition impairment in ALS
Sara Kadenšek
Gastrostomy and survival in ALS – benefits and risks
Blaž Koritnik

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