Predavanji prof. France Cambi

Tomaz Mars | 26. 3. 2013


V prihodnjem tednu bo na obisku na MF UL kot gostujoča profesorica Franca Cambi. Profesorica bo imela več predavanj, spodaj navedeni dve v okviru seminarjev, ki potekajo na Nevrološki kliniki (seminarska soba).

Torek, 2. april 2013, ob 12:15

Oligodendrocytes and myelin disorders

In this lecture, we will review the developmental process of oligodendrogenesis, with emphasis on extracellular signals that control oligodendrocyte differentiation and migration during normal development. We will review a major myelin disorder, multiple sclerosis and discuss the contribution of myelin defects to disease pathogenesis and how the changed extracelluar environment leads to failure to re-myelinate in the adult brain after an injury.

Sreda, 3. april 2013, ob 12:15

Spinocerebellar Ataxias

In this lecture, we will review the clinical manifestations and the genetic classification of inherited ataxias. We will discuss the differential diagnosis, the genetic testing options and we will review the mechanisms of disease pathogenesis and discuss current and future treatment options for patient affected by these disorders. There will be a few case presentations of patients with ataxias.

Franca Cambi, MD, PhD
Professor of Neurology
Endowed SCoBIRC Professorship
University of Kentucky

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