Presenter guide

General information

Success of a live-streamed virtual conference hinges on a fast and stable internet connection and adequate audio-visual equipment used by presenters. We kindly request that all presenters schedule a brief equipment and connection test between September 6 - 8, 16:00-17:30 CET. During this time we will be available to connect via Zoom (links will be sent by e-mail) to check and optimize technical conditions for all SNC’21 live presentations (for short oral (poster) presentations, see instructions below). Please, make sure to use the same location and equipment for the test as for the SNC’21 live presentation. If you are not able to test your connectivity between September 6 - 8, 16:00-17:30 CET, contact [email protected] to schedule an alternative test-appointment.

All presenters are requested to adhere to the time limits for their talks. Please, check the Programme and consult Symposia Chairperson(s) for details.

Presenters are also kindly asked to use the official SNC’21 cover slide for the title of their presentation, their full name, titles, and affiliations. Please, set slide dimensions to 16:9 for optimal display.

By August 4, 2021, all presenters should have received e-mailed presentation guidelines and the SNC’21 cover slide (either directly from the SNC'21 Programme Committee or through Symposia Chairpersons). If you have not received an e-mail with presentation guidelines, as well as for any other information regarding the SNC’21 programme, please contact [email protected]. For questions regarding the Ljubljana Clinical Neurophysiology Symposium ’21 (LCNS'21) and satellite symposia, please contact [email protected]. For any inquiries regarding the technical aspects of SNC'12 and LCNS'21, please contact [email protected].

Plenary Lectures

We kindly ask plenary speakers to be ready and connected (links will be e-mailed on September 22, 2021) 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled presentations, and to time the talks to 45 minutes. Plenary lectures are not followed by discussions. A 15-minute break follows every plenary talk.

Symposia and Educational Workshop talks

All speakers are kindly requested to be ready and connected (links will be e-mailed on September 22, 2021) 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled presentations, and to time talks in accordance with the program to allow a short-moderated discussion at the end. During each talk questions will be collected from the audience and the symposium Chairperson(s) will select from this pool with careful consideration of the available time. For details about Symposia presentations, please consult your Symposium Chairperson.

Short Oral Presentations (Posters)

All SNC’21 participants whose poster-abstracts have been accepted have been invited to showcase their work using a 5-minute prerecorded slideshow. The recording should start with an official SNC’21 cover slide (see General instructions above) and include a short Introduction and Aim, followed by Methods, Results and Conclusions, along with a list of References. Font should be size 25 or larger, text on slides should be kept at a minimum (e.g., no more than 6 words in a row, no more than 6 bullet-points on a slide and no more than 6 text slides in sequence). Use of illustrations, legible and well labeled graphs, charts, etc. is encouraged!

Our team is ready to assist you with the recording between August 2 and 8, 2021. Please, contact [email protected] to schedule an appointment. All recordings must be received by the SNC’21 Programme Committee by August 21, 2021. They will be available to registered audience members for the duration of the conference. SNC’21 participants will be able to submit questions for the Short Oral Presentation authors. Authors should be available online to answer questions and interact with the audience during the scheduled Short Oral Presentation Sessions (please, see when your presentation is scheduled in the SNC’21 Programme).

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