Announcement | 18. 11. 2006

SiNAPSA Neuroscience Conference 2007 - First Call

SiNAPSA, Slovenian Neuroscience Association, is announcing an International Neuroscience Conference that will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from October 5 to 7, 2007. The Conference will be hosted and co-organized by Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana.

The Conference aims to provide a forum for presentation of research findings to neuroscientists from Slovenia and neighboring region, as well as host a number of internationally renown researchers. Special emphasis is given to multidisciplinary dialogue and encouragement of communication between scientists at the beginning of their career in neuroscience. The meeting will also be an opportunity for Slovenian scientists working abroad to present their work. The organizers hope that the conference will facilitate interdisciplinary and international nerworking and collaboration in neuroscience.

The conference will consist of invited plenary lectures, thematic symposia, poster sessions and a round table discussion. The general themes covered will include (but are not limited to) cognitive neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, neurology and basic neurobiology.

You are invited to actively participate in shaping the programme of the meeting by organizing a thematic symposium and/or presenting your own contribution.

The official language of the conference is English.

Call for thematic symposia proposals

The Programme Committee invites submissions of thematic symposia proposals. Symposia should offer a balanced overview of a topic of interest, including sufficient background information to aid interdisciplinary communication, as well as accounts of current research findings. Symposia should include a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 talks. Each symposium should have one or two chairpersons, who can also be presenters. All presenters and chairpersons should confirm their participation before submission of a proposal.

Additional information and on-line form for proposal submission are available online.

Submission deadline for proposals is December 15, 2006. All the submissions will be reviewed by the programme committee. The symposium organizer will be notified of the decision via email by the end of January 2007.

Call for abstracts

The Programme Committee welcomes submissions of original abstracts for oral or poster presentations. The majority of submissions will be accepted for poster presentations. However, some contributions with indicated preference for oral presentation will be accepted and included into thematic symposia as oral presentations.

Additional information and on-line form for abstract submission are available online.

Deadline for abstract submission is August 15, 2007. The authors will be notified about the acceptance of their abstract in 21 days following the submission.

All abstracts accepted for presentation will be published in a conference abstract book both in printed and electronic form.

Announcement | 18. 11. 2006

Course on EU 7th framework programme project development and management

Europa Media is announcing a training course on development and management of project for EU 7th framework programme. The programme lasts for 5 weeks and consists of two parts. The first is an eLearning part that takes place from January 29th to February 27th 2006. It is followed by an intensive workshop that will take place in Budapest, Hungary from February 26th to March 2nd 2007. Additional details are available in the attached pdf.

priponka: FP7 Academy.pdf

Event | 16. 11. 2006

IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience 2007

IBRO (International Brain Research Organization) is organizing IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience, which will take place in Melbourne, Australia, July 12-17 2007. The core programme will consist of 8 plenary lectures, 64 symposia and poster sessions. It will be complemented by numerous workshops and satellite meetings.

Those wishing to actively participate with presentation of research findings are invited to submit abstract for a poster presentation. Submission deadline is January 31st 2007.

European Ph.D. students and young postdoctoral fellows looking for financial means to attend the congress may apply for FENS travel grants. The stipend money amounts to 1500 EUR. Deadline for application submission is December 15, 2006. Further information are available on FENS web pages.

Event | 24. 10. 2006

A lecture by Dr. Reinhard Schliebs


The speaker, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schliebs, works at the Paul Flechsig Institute for Brain Research, at the Neurochemistry Department of the University of Leipzig Medical faculty, Leipzig, Germany.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday, November 8, 2006, at 14:30, in "Mala predavalnica" of the Medical faculty, Korytkova 2, Ljubljana.

Event | 23. 9. 2006

The Hidden side of Parkinson's - 6th EPDA Multidisciplinary conference

6th multidisciplinary conference of the European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) will take place from 29th to 30th of September 2006 in Hotel Union, Ljubljana. The title of the conference is "The Hidden Side of Parkinson's". The conference is organized in association with Slovenian association of Parkinson's disease patients, Trepetlika.

The aims of the conference to develop a dialogue between science and society by:

  • Sharing knowledge and understanding of the care of Parkinson's with international healthcare professionals and people with Parkinson's, their families and carers
  • Developing knowledge and awareness of the medical, social and personal needs of people living with Parkinson's
  • Considering ways of overcoming barriers to good communication with patients, their families and the multidisciplinary team
  • Exchanging models of good practice throughout Europe and other parts of the world.
More information about the conference is accessible on its web page.

Event | 22. 8. 2006

XX Biennial IERASG Symposium

The XX Biennial Symposium IERASG (International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group) will take place in Bled, Slovenia, from 10 to 14 June 2007.

Symposium home page:

Event | 3. 8. 2006

The XIVth Kanizsa Lecture & Trieste Symposium on Perception and Cognition

The Department of Psychology and the BRAIN Center for Neuroscience of the University of Trieste are pleased to invite you to the 14th Kanizsa Lecture. This year, the lecture will be given by Melvyn A. Goodale (University of Western Ontario) who will speak on Visual Duplicity: Action without Perception in the Human Visual System. The lecture will be on Friday, October 27 at 4.00 pm in the Revoltella Museum Auditorium.

The accompanying Symposium on Perception and Cognition will begin on Thursday, October 26 at 3 pm and it will include additional selected oral presentations (Thursday afternoon), an invited workshop (Friday morning), and an open poster session (Friday lunch time). The Symposium will be held at the Psychology Department. Social activities will include a buffet lunch at the Friday poster session, sponsored by Cambridge Research Systems, and a social dinner on Friday night.

If you wish to contribute a presentation to the Symposium, please go to this address, where you will also find more relevant information on both events, or check the attached file below.

priponka: Kanizsa 2006.rtf

Announcement | 3. 8. 2006

Slovenian children show their brain-art to the world

During the Brain Awareness Week 2006, SiNAPSA posed a challenge to all school-children in Slovenia (ages 6 - 12) to artistically express their answers to the question What is hiding in my head? Over 300 beautiful works of art were submitted to SiNAPSA, and can be viewed and admired here.

We are proud to note that a selection of the uniquely innovative and expressive work of our young artists had been presented by the European Dana Alliance for the Brain during the events of the recent FENS Forum in Vienna (July 2006), allowing a wider international community to see and enjoy the colorful images.

Event | 5. 5. 2006

Suicide: Interplay of Genes and Environment

You are invited to participate in the 5th International Meeting »Suicide: Interplay of Genes and Environment« in Portorož, Slovenia. The meeting will take part in the 11th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour and the programme consists of plenary sessions and panel session.

More info at

Event | 24. 4. 2006

Lecture by Dr. Paul Brown on screening tests and therapeutic studies in prion research

One of the most distinguished scientists in the field of prion research, Dr. Paul Brown, will pay a short working visit to Slovenia in early May. He will have a short open public presentation of the advances in screening tests and therapeutic studies in the field on Wednesday, May 3rd, at 3p.m. in the wooden lecture hall of the Institute of social medicine (the map is attached below).


News | 24. 4. 2006

SiNAPSA announces publication of Neuroscience special issue on Cognitive neuroscience of working memory

Journal Neuroscience has published a special issue dedicated to Cognitive Neuroscience of Working Memory. The issue gathers contributions by leading researchers of working memory and presents a complex overview of theoretical frameworks, methodological approaches and empirical findings in the field of working memory. One of the basic aims of the issue has been to promote multidisciplinary collaboration between cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and neuropsychiatry, neurophysiology, neurobiology, neuropharmacology and computational neuroscience in the study of complex cognitive processes.

The issue, edited by Grega Repovš and Maja Bresjanac, represents an offspring of the highly successful Summer School on Cognitive Neuroscience of Working Memory, Memos 04, organized by Sinapsa. Detailed information about the special issue including abstracts is available on Summer school pages. The publication of the issue was accompanied by a short presentation by Washington University in Saint Louis, the current research address for one of the guest editors.

The special issue is a valuable achievement for the guest editors, for SiNAPSA, and for the Slovenian cognitive neuroscience. It also illustrates the success of the Memos 04 project: the papers published in the special issue include several Summer School faculty reviews and a few empirical papers born out of the interactions between the faculty and students.

News | 23. 4. 2006

New research position at the University of Cambridge

Eva Žerovnik has submitted a note on a postdoctoral research associate position at the Autism Research Centre (ARC) of the University of Cambridge.

The ARC has a particular interest in the neuro-anatomic, genetic, cognitive and endocrine processes that can result in autism and Asperger Syndrome.

More information is provided in the attachment.

priponka: University of Cambridge Job Advert.pdf

Announcement | 23. 4. 2006

Exhibition of children art-work in the National and University Library in Ljubljana

National and University Library in Ljubljana is displaying a selection of child art-work received by SiNAPSA during the Brain Awareness Week competition entitled "What is hiding in my head". The exhibition will run through the end of May.


Event | 14. 1. 2006

Brain Awareness Week 2006 is approaching

The international Brain Awareness Week will run from March 13 through 19, 2006.

SiNAPSA plans to organize, coordinate and support a number of events aiming at informing the public about the nervous system function in health and disease, about the neuroscience methods and approaches to studying the structure and function of the nervous system, about the latest developments in the scientific disciplines exploring the brain (from neurobiology to psychology), and about the open challenges the neuroscience and biomedicine are facing in dealing with the damaged nervous system.

The SiNAPSA work-group devoted to the Brain Awareness Week (BAW) project is led by Dr. Lilijana Šprah from the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU).

SiNAPSA membership and the wider public are invited to join the efforts of the BAW project group by registering their suggestions for the activities and their willingness to actively participate at [email protected].

No time left to waste...

News | 14. 1. 2006

General assembly of SiNAPSA was a success, and the lottery winner is...

On January 12, 2006 SiNAPSA held its annual general assembly, carried out the elections, updated the society bylaws, reviewed last year's work and the plans for 2006. The full account of the assembly will be presented in the minutes soon to appear on these pages.

For now, a short note on the more relaxed second part of the meeting: a lottery awarded several participants with note-pads, folders, ball-point pens and SiNAPSA T-shirts. Almost at the very end the first prize was drawn: a travel grant for active participation at a neuroscience meeting of candidate's choice up to 666 Euro.

The Luck picked JB! While the full identity of the winner shall not be revealed, the Luck should be commended for its "choice" - JB has given a most substantial contribution to the successful work of SiNAPSA in 2005. Congratulations!

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