SiNAPSA Mission

SiNAPSA has the following aims and tasks:

To advance neuroscience activities in Slovenia:

  • intensify aquisition of neuroscientific knowledge,
  • enhance and facilitate transdisciplinary research within neuroscience,
  • organize scientific and professional meetings,
  • cooperate with international and national organizations with the same or similar goals,
  • support basic, clinical, behavioral and epidemiological research in neuroscience,
  • collect and disseminate neuroscientific information via the internet, in print and through other media.

To enhance neuroscientific education at all levels. Participation and assistance in graduate and postgraduate education in neuroscience.

To advance public information and general education about the nature of scientific discovery and the results and implications of the latest neuroscience research. Promoting general awareness of prevention of nervous system illness and injury.

To inform legislators and other policy makers about new scientific knowledge and recent developments in neuroscience research and their implications for continued scientific progress, development of medicine and general societal benefit.

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