SNC'15 Programme

Friday, 15 May 2015

8:00   Registration | Second Foyer, 8:00—19:00
8:30   Young Neuroscientists Forum Ljubljana '15 | Kosovel Hall, 8:30—12:30
13:00   Opening of the SNC'15 | Kosovel Hall, 13:00—13:30
13:30   AOŽ Memorial lecture | Kosovel Hall, 13:30—14:30
The tricks neurons use to express their genes: jumping genes, zero-length exons and RNA loops

Jernej Ule
14:30   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 14:30—16:30

Chair: Sergeja Slapničar, Grega Repovš
   Neuroeconomics and management control
Sergeja Slapničar
   Cognitive control and the path to better economic decision making
Grega Repovš
   Dopamine and decision making
Robb Rutledge
   EEG investigations on the management control problem
Philip Eskenazi
16:30   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 16:30—17:00
17:00   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 17:00—19:00
Neural responses and functional effects of dance on cognitive, emotional and motor performance

Chair: Maja Bresjanac
   The neural basis of dance and dance partnering
Steven Brown
   Cognitive interactions in perceiving, performing and learning dance
Bettina Bläsing
   Neural responses underlying dance imagery induced by music
Maja Bresjanac
   Enhanced functional outcomes in older adults who dance regularly
Rado Pišot
19:00   Welcome reception | Second Foyer, 19:00—21:00

Saturday, 16 May 2015

8:00   Registration | Second Foyer, 8:00—19:00
8:30   Symposium | E1,2 Hall, 8:30—10:30
Cell's protein quality system and neurodegeneration

Chair: Eva Žerovnik
   Autophagy, p62/SQSTM1 and ALS-FTLD
Alice Goode
   ALS- and FTLD-associated hexanucleotide repeat expansion mutation in C9orf72
Boris Rogelj
   Modifications of FUS and implications in ALS and FTD
Simona Darovic
   Mutual chaperoning by amyloid forming proteins/peptides
Eva Žerovnik
10:30   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 10:30—11:00
11:00   Plenary talk | Kosovel Hall, 11:00—12:00
Psychedelic drugs in science and medicine

Robin Carhart-Harris
12:00   Cellular neuroscience A
   Clinical neuroscience A
   Cognitive neuroscience A
   Molecular neuroscience A
   Systems neuroscience A
13:30   Plenary talk | E1,2 Hall, 13:30—14:30
Autoimmune encephalitis and epilepsy – from synapse to symptoms

Sukhvir Wright
14:30   Symposium | E1,2 Hall, 14:30—16:30
Autoimmunity, encephalitis and epilepsy - another Procrustes bed?

Chair: David Neubauer
   Autoimmune encephalitis and antibodies against neuronal cell antigens
Sanja Stopinšek
   Severe form of autoimmune encephalitis in two children
Mirjana Perkovič Benedik
   Autoimmunity and epilepsy in childhood
Natalija Krajnc
   Can FIRES be a part of this story?
Neli Bizjak
16:30   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 16:30—17:00
17:00   Symposium | E1,2 Hall, 17:00—19:00
Nerve stimulation: From basic research to clinic

Chair: Janez Rozman, Polona Pečlin
   General overview of nerve stimulation: From past to future
Winfried Mayr
   Implantable nerve interfaces developed in Slovenia and their use in research and clinical applications
Janez Rozman
   Twenty-nine year stimulation of the common peroneal nerve: A case report
Polona Pečlin
   Neuromodulation in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions
Adolf Lukanović
   Our experience with vagal stimulation for heart rate control
Matej Podbregar
   Compound action potentials in an isolated rat sciatic nerve elicited with specific current stimulating pulses when exposed to anesthetic bupivacaine
Monika C. Žužek
19:00   Neuroscience & Society Dialogue - Scientific Exploration of Brain on Drugs: Prizes and Pitfalls | Kosovel Hall, 19:00—21:00
21:00   Social evening | Slamič Café, 21:00—0:00

Sunday, 17 May 2015

9:00   Registration | Second Foyer, 9:00—16:30
9:30   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 9:30—11:30
Biomarkers of epileptogenesis, pharmacogenomics and functional brain connectivity in epilepsy

Chair: Bogdan Lorber
   Imaging epileptogenesis
Matthias Koepp
   Graph-theoretical analysis of language networks in temporal lobe epilepsy
David Gosar
   Pharmacogenomics of drug resistance in epilepsy
Andreja Avberšek
11:30   Coffee break | Second Foyer, 11:30—12:00
12:00   Molecular neuroscience B
   Cellular neuroscience B
   Clinical neuroscience B
   Cognitive neuroscience B
   Systems neuroscience B
13:30   Symposium | Kosovel Hall, 13:30—15:30
Multimodal imaging in diagnostics of preclinical stages of neurodegenerative disorders

Chair: Zvezdan Pirtošek, Milica Gregorič Kramberger
   The overall design of the study, clinical and CSF data
Milica Gregorič Kramberger
   Neuropsychological markers of mild cognitive impairment
Simon Brezovar
   Can electrophysiological responses to AX-CPT task differentiate between early stages of neurodegenerative disorders?
Jure Bon
   Altered white matter microstructure in mild cognitive impairment and Parkinson's disease
Indre Pileckyte
   Resting state functional connectivity in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Parkinson’s disease
Anka Slana
   Metabolic biomarkers in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Parkinson's disease
Petra Tomše
15:30   Plenary talk | Kosovel Hall, 15:30—16:30
Human Brain Project: implications for neurology

Richard Frackowiak
16:30   Closing of the SNC'15 | Kosovel Hall, 16:30—16:45


Poster session

Saturday, 16 May 2015

12:00   Cellular neuroscience A
CEL.01   Adrenergic receptor stimulation leads to distinct intracellular cAMP and Ca2+ dynamics in single rat astrocytes
Anemari Horvat
CEL.03   Time-dependent regulation of membrane fusion, vesicular release and Ca2+ signalling by cholesterol in electrically excitable and non-excitable cells
Boštjan Rituper
CEL.05   Hypothermia does not reverse cellular responses in infection-sensitised hypoxic-ischemic neonatal brain injury
Damjan Osredkar
12:00   Clinical neuroscience A
CLI.01   A pilot research of dance movement and social aspects of application of Argentine tango in the population of deaf people
Andreja Podlogar, Blaž Bertoncelj
CLI.03   Correlation between postural balance and clinical scores in patients with Parkinson's disease
David Medved, Aljaž Merčun
CLI.05   Subchronic treatment with LEK-8829 for the determination of its antipsychotic properties
Sanja Bogićević
CLI.07   The vulnerability of the structural connectome to stroke in older adults
Rok Berlot
12:00   Cognitive neuroscience A
COG.01   Monetary incentive vs. social pressure: a neuroscientific investigation
Mina Godec
COG.03   Stimulus modality and task difficulty in a 3-stimulus Oddball: an fMRI study
Aljaž Sluga
COG.05   Visual deficits in dyslexia
Amanda Saksida
COG.07   Sources of difficulty in dance style acquisition
Dayana Hristova
COG.09   Neural correlates of emotional and task-similar distraction of spatial working memory
Grega Repovš
COG.11   The balance between proactive and reactive cognitive control in relation to personality traits in healthy young subjects
Sebastijan Veselič
COG.13   Heart rate variability during experiencing audio and video stimulation
Andrej Vovk
12:00   Molecular neuroscience A
MOL.01   GAP43 and CASP3 increase after onset of stroke in mouse
Dunja Gorup
MOL.03   The association of rs13212041 polymorphism in 5-HT1B receptor gene and akathisia in haloperidol-treated patients with schizophrenia
Mirko Grubor
MOL.05   Structural species of c9orf72 expanded repeat DNA
Anja Kovanda
MOL.07   Chronic oral D-galactose treatment affects cognitive performance in rats
Marina Zarić
MOL.09   10 years of ibogaine research in Slovenia
Roman Paškulin
12:00   Systems neuroscience A
SYS.01   The relationship between parasympathetic modulation two minutes after exercise and early heart rate recovery
Aljoša Danieli
SYS.03   Synaptotagmin VII and SYNCRIP (Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonuclear Protein Q1) distribution and co-localization study in the adult rat brain
Larisa Tratnjek
SYS.05   Learning and motor performances after repetitive traumatic brain injury in the mouse
Jelena Rajič
SYS.07   Prenatal stress affects behavior of adult male mice
Monika Ogrizek

Sunday, 17 May 2015

12:00   Cellular neuroscience B
CEL.02   Extracellular S100B internalization and positive trafficking vesicles by astrocytes culture
Fabiana Galland
CEL.04   Mechanisms of TDP-43 propagation between cells in ALS patients
Ana Bajc Česnik
12:00   Clinical neuroscience B
CLI.02   EEG mu rhythm power oscillations and decrease in thalamus size in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Teja Maležič
CLI.04   Cognitive functioning and temperament in infants with and without neurological problems
Maja Gaspari
CLI.06   A simple and cost-effective q EEG evaluation shows marked differences between early Alzheimer’s disease patients and controls
Bruna Pikš
CLI.08   The impact of upper motor neuron degeneration on respiration in wakefulness and sleep in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Judita Jeran
12:00   Cognitive neuroscience B
COG.02   Neural substrates of imagery of different activities
Vida Ana Politakis
COG.04   At the junction of the oldest and newest media
Blaž Bertoncelj
COG.06   fMRI correlates of visuospatial working memory capacity
Anka Slana
COG.08   Neurofeedback and anxiety level reduction in young athletes
Anastasia V. Kovaleva
COG.10   Effects of visual stimuli characteristics to the information processing in children with autism – outline of a study
Elena Cesnaite
COG.12   The effect of personal prayer on resting heart rate variability
Breda Podjaveršek
COG.14   The role of medial prefrontal cortex in uncertainty-based decision making in rats
Nace Mikuš
12:00   Molecular neuroscience B
MOL.02   Stress affects survival of adrenal gland stem cells through leptin in Sprague Dawley rats
Marta Balog
MOL.04   Variant repeats as genetic modifiers of DM1- a case report
Jovan Pešović
MOL.06   Superoxide dismutase and catalase activity in rat brain cortex after stress exposure
Ivan Pavlović
MOL.08   Repeated low-dose progesterone treatment modulates expression of apoptotic elements within Akt and Erk signalling pathways in subcellular specific manner in rat hippocampus following chronic cerebral hypoperfusion
Miloš Stanojlović
MOL.10   Studies of the oxidative status in the brain of the hSOD1G93A ALS rat
Stefan Stamenković
12:00   Systems neuroscience B
SYS.02   Social isolation stress during puberty affects behavior in adult mice
Jasmina Kerčmar
SYS.04   Effects of pioglitazone on the cortical neurodegeneration and neuronal loss following the lateral fluid percussion brain injury in the rat
Kristina Pilipović
SYS.06   2015 Brain Awareness Week in Osijek, Croatia
Ana Bardak

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