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Ljubljana, 27. 8. 2016

SiNAPSA, Slovenian Neuroscience Association, connects neuroscientists across Slovenia and throughout the world in scientific and research projects. It also educates the general public about the functioning of the nervous system in health and disease; it emphasizes the importance of neuroscience research and the use of knowledge for the quality of life of the individual and society.

President: Maja Bresjanac, PhD, MD [email protected]
Secretary: Boštjan Rituper [email protected]
Headquarters: Institute of Pathophysiology, Zaloška 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bank account number: NLB 02014-0253992039
Tax number: 43243649

Contact for Public relationships
e-mail: [email protected]

Short presentation of the association and its projects

SiNAPSA unites researchers, experts and students from various fields who are interested in neuroscience and the nervous system. Forming effective connections between experts from different fields and of different methodological orientations is necessary for successful interdisciplinary projects and for developing a coherent view of the mechanisms of the nervous system functions across all levels, from communication between the individual cells all the way up to higher cognitive processes. To that end, SiNAPSA organizes projects for researchers (e.g. international scientific conferences, symposia and seminars) and educational events for experts (e.g. workshops and summer schools. These projects had also resulted in notable publications in Slovenian and international journals.

SiNAPSA currently includes more than 118 members, among which about a third are under- and postgraduate students. In 2004, Andrej O. Župančič, the doyen of Slovenian neurobiology, has become the honorary member.

From December 2006, SiNAPSA has had a status of a society acting in the public interest in the field of science and research. The basis for this status is its systematic education of the general public in the field of neuroscience, its stimulation of interest for the nervous system research and for the use of neuroscientific knowledge for the quality of life of the individual and society. To achieve these goals, SiNAPSA organizes activities for promotion and popularization of neuroscience (e.g. Brain Awareness Week) and public conferences (e.g. interdisciplinary public conference about consciousness). It also publishes the online journal eSinapsa, which consists of short specialist and scientific articles, book reviews, reports from conferences and historical records. eSinapsa is aimed at a lay and at a professional audience.

With the aim of fostering connections between professional societies from fields of neurology and psychiatry, SiNAPSA has been promoting the foundation of the Slovenian Brain Council, which has been functioning as an independent consultative assembly since March 16th, 2007.

In 2013 SiNAPSA together with the Slovenian Brain Council initiated a campaign For the brain (Za možgane) with the aim to raise awareness about neuroscience research to make progress in prevention and treatment of debilitating brain diseases which present an important public health problem worldwide. One of the achievements of the campaign was the proclamation of the Slovenian Brain Day by Slovenian Government in 2015.

From its foundation, SiNAPSA has been a member of the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS). Its projects are also receiving help from other international organizations for the promotion of neuroscience, e.g. The Dana Foundation.

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