7th Rijeka forum on Neurodegenerative diseases (September 18-20,2023)

SiNAPSA | 7. 9. 2023

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is our special honor and sincere pleasure to invite you and your colleagues, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, to the 7th Rijeka Forum of Neurodegenerative Diseases (September 18-20, 2023) organized by the KBC Rijeka Neurology Clinic, Department of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka, Institute of biomedical sciences in Rijeka, the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Croatian Neurological Society. Our goal is to present the latest developments and dilemmas in the field of neurodegenerative diseases with a special theme this year: “Mechanistic therapies - possibility or hope” and other news about neurodegenerative diseases, in order to improve our daily clinical and scientific work.

The forum lasts three days, and the last day is dedicated to a mini-symposium: “Symposium: “Disorders of the central nervous system associated with COVID-19 and other viral infections” and young neuroscientists.
The meeting will be hybrid.

The program includes outstanding lecturers with lectures on the latest achievements in neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases, and registration for the Forum is FREE.

We sincerely hope that you will join us and recommend this meeting to your colleagues and support us. Reserve a date and join us in Rijeka!

Best regards,

Vladimira Vuletić

University campus in Rijeka
Civil Engineering
Lecture hall G-003,004
Radmile Matejčić 3, Rijeka


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